The Catalyst Academy is a series of course developed by Albemarle to educate our customers on the fundamentals of catalysts and components.  During these courses, our experienced instructors provide an in-depth look at catalyst structure, function, and production.  They also provide instruction on safe handling procedures, troubleshooting, product selection, loading and feed rates, and unit operations.   

The Catalyst Academy includes courses in polymer catalysts, heavy oil upgrading, and clean fuels technologies.  For more information, please click on the following links:

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SAYTEX® PURshield PURshield, the latest in the Albemarle's Fire Safety Solutions SAYTEX family, delivers 10-20% higher yield with excellent thermal resistance. PURshield is a low viscosity, fully reactive, bromine based flame retardant for HFO-blown rigid polyurethane foams. 
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