Fire Safety Solutions 

We are proud to provide fire safety solutions that save lives and protect property.

As a world leader in flame retardant chemicals, we offer an entire portfolio of fire safety solutions used in the insulation of buildings, electronics, cars and electrical wires. Today, plastics molders, wire and cable compounders, and textile manufacturers around the world rely on our products and applications development to add life-saving properties to their materials. You can count on Albemarle to provide the most innovative, effective and environmentally sound solutions for your fire protection needs.

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Featured Product
SAYTEX® PURshield PURshield, the latest in the Albemarle's Fire Safety Solutions SAYTEX family, delivers 10-20% higher yield with excellent thermal resistance. PURshield is a low viscosity, fully reactive, bromine based flame retardant for HFO-blown rigid polyurethane foams. 

Albemarle’s flame retardants are effective and safe when used for their intended purposes. >>Get the Facts

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