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From initial contact to production, Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services (FCS) research & development team will be your development partner. The experienced engineers, chemists and managers have the resources and full capabilities of the Albemarle global R&D organization to solve your development challenges.

We are responsive to inquiries. Our account managers will rapidly relay your project needs for cost estimation. During this time, our team carefully evaluates the project’s fit with the diverse and flexible capabilities of Albemarle FCS. 

Albemarle conducts R&D at the following manufacturing sites:
Baton Rouge PDC
• Tyrone
• Pasadena
•  South Haven

Process Development

We are process development experts. Albemarle FCS R&D will begin with a laboratory scale evaluation of your existing process or start from scratch to develop a new process. Once a process is outlined with traditional lab work, efficient optimization is conducted using design of experiments (DoE)  and high-throughput parallel development tools. FCS chemists and chemometricians work to find the critical process factors and then optimize these factors to balance yield, purity and other responses. For products made to cGMP, this optimization can be completed within the Quality by Design (QbD) framework.

Process Safety

We are committed to process safety.  Prior to scale-up, every process stream will be examined in a reactive hazard evaluation that includes DSC testing, which provides an initial estimate of exothermic hazards. If a hazard is found, our dedicated group of process safety professionals will conduct a thorough investigation of the kinetics, heat flow and pressure generation. This information is used to evaluate the safeguards required to run the process in our facilities or to guide in the development of a safer process.

Transfer Success

We conduct successful technology transfers every day. Albemarle FCS employs a team of seasoned program managers, account managers and R&D directors.  Interaction of customer and FCS technical professionals is encouraged and customers are invited to attend process review and process hazard evaluation (PHA) meetings. Customers can also choose to temporarily station employees at Albemarle facilities for start-up or request regular update meetings.

Manufacturing Success

We operate lean manufacturing facilities  that generate products on spec and on time. All Albemarle FCS plants have an experienced team of chemists and engineers to support manufacturing issues and continuous improvement. Each plant has substantial analytical support and corporate analytical support is provided for analyses, such as electron microscopy, crystallography and trace metals analysis. When a special need arises, our manufacturing team can call upon Albemarle experts in business areas ranging from pharmaceuticals to refinery catalysts to quickly resolve complex problems.

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Fine Chemistry Services
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EMA Fine Chemistry Services
Tel: +1 800 535 3030

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