With world class facilities, exceptional customer service, and 20+ years of manufacturing and scale-up experience, Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services is the perfect production partner in the agrichemicals market. Our technicians and staff have a vast amount of experience in the chemistries needed for agrichemical projects, such as hydrogenations and POCl3. 

Our North American manufacturing facility is ideally situated to service the entire Western Hemisphere and is an EPA FIFRA registered site. Albemarle’s flexible manufacturing capability allows us to share the low entry costs with our customers. 

The experienced engineers, chemists and managers have the resources and full capabilities of the Albemarle global R&D organization to solve your development challenges. If you desire a long term collaborative relationship with a financially sound company offering superior R&D and process development, sample quantities or volume manufacturing, we can deliver what you need.


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EMA Fine Chemistry Services
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