High Pressure/ High Temperature Hydrogenation
• Polymerization
• Halogenation
• Friedel-Crafts Alkylation and Acylation
• Carbonylation
• Cryogenic Reactions
• Extremely Exothermic Reactions
• Amination
• Nitration
• Phosphorylation
• Grignard formation and reactions
• Halogen-metal Exchange


The chemical industry, by its very nature, involves chemical reactions and the handling of reactive chemicals.  If process conditions are not carefully controlled, many of these reactions can be hazardous. Albemarle Corporation employs a disciplined reactive hazard evaluation program to ensure that no incidents occur. 

The safe handling and use of hazardous chemicals has been a cornerstone of Albemarle’s success since the inception of our company in the early 1920’s.  Albemarle is well known for our capability in pyrophoric and corrosive chemicals.  Aluminum alkyls and bromine are primary examples, but the breadth of Albemarle’s expertise spans a much broader range of chemical species and hazard categories.

The highly reactive nature of this class of chemicals and processes often results in significant economic advantages as compared to other options. Possessing the ability to handle and process hazardous chemicals and conduct hazardous processes in a safe and responsible manner are significant competitive advantages.

Albemarle employs a team of experienced engineers and chemists dedicated to the detailed understanding of Thermal Decomposition events, Autocatalytic Reactions and High Energy processes. We screen every new process for potential reactive hazards. Any thermal events of note are further studied using a variety of testing equipment and techniques as required by the specific chemistry or process involved.

Albemarle’s Experience with Hazardous Chemicals



HBr anhydrous and solutions

HCl anhydrous and solutions

Mineral Acids

Phosphorous Trichloride

Phosphorous Tribromide

Phosphorous Oxychloride

Thiophosphoryl Trichloride

Aluminum Chloride

Boron Trichloride

Boron Trifluoride

Boron TriBromide

Aluminum Alkyls

Magnesium Alkyls

Diethyl Zinc

Trimethyl Gallium / Triethyl Gallium


Lithium Alkyls

Sodium Metal

NaK Alloy

Diisobutyl Aluminum Hydride

Sodium Hydride

Phenol and Substituted Phenols

Aniline and Substituted Anilines

Hydrogen Cyanide

Hydrogen Sulfide

Carbon Monoxide

50% to 70% Hydrogen Peroxide





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