Yield and Impurity Level Improvement

The challenge:

Can you improve the yield and impurity levels while streamlining the production process?

How we said yes:

Baseline Experimentation revealed impurity and yield problems and an R&D program was launched to address the issues.

Step 1:

Reduce cycle time:

- Reduced extractions from five to three, with no yield impact.
- Increased the concentration of all extraction operations to minimize product partitioning, decrease cycle time, and increase throughput.
- Identified a material of construction incompatibility that caused a 50% reduction in yield, and a corresponding increase in impurities.

Step 2:

Improve yields: Supplied process was not reproducible; the reaction would not always reach completion.

- Instituted a reverse order of addition that consistently delivered reaction completion.
- Added a pH adjustment to the end of the workup that significantly increased yield.

Step 3:

Reduce impurities:

- The kinetics of the reaction was studied, which allowed for the reaction time to be reduced by 50%.
- The parameter study also showed that diluting the reaction concentration increased the yield by 5-10%, and reduced impurity levels.
- Crystallization conditions were identified and implemented to almost completely remove two troublesome impurities.

The yes formula benefits:

Throughout the development and production of the project, weekly, and occasionally daily communications with the customer took place. This allowed the customer the opportunity to shape the direction of the research, if desired.

Product was produced at scale. All quality expectations were met or exceeded.

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