Solving Customer Problems

The challenge:

Can you help me solve my customer's complaint?

How we said yes:

Step 1:

Reviewed batch information and analytical results.
- All lots met specifications.
- No process changes had been made.
- No deviations were noted.

Step 2:

Developed new GPC and NMR methods to analyze and compare the batches of final product that were under investigation.
- Extraneous peaks were observed in one lot.

Step 3:

Evaluated raw materials.
- Both consigned and purchased raw materials met stated specifications.
- Purchased raw materials were analyzed by other methods and revealed no abnormalities.

Step 4:

The consigned starting material was analyzed by the new GPC and NMR methods. It was concluded that one lot of the consigned material had extraneous peaks.

Step 5:

Collaborated with corporate R&D for additional LC/MS support to identify the extraneous peaks. The new impurities were shared with the customer and supplier to aid in trouble-shooting their processes.

Step 6:

Developed a procedure for rework/reuse of the batches that showed the performance problems.

The yes formula benefits:

New analytical methods were implemented for:
- the starting material
- in-process checks
- final product

Participated in customer 3-way calls with:
- The suppler to tighten and add new specifications
- The customer's customer to explain observations and preventive measures

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