Process Economics Improvement

The challenge:

Can you improve the economics of my process?

How we said yes:

Step 1:

Supplied process generated a large amount of solvents that were not possible to reuse due to the azeotropic properties and the resulting high water content.
- Investigated and then implemented changing the order of the quench and solvent strip.
- With the strip completed prior to the quench, less water entered the system and the solvent was suitable for reuse as a two-solvent system.
- Optimization of the ratios in the recycled solvent system led to a reaction conversion increase of 10%.

Step 2:

The supplied process ratio of solvent to raw material was not optimized for improved reaction conditions.
- As the yield increased, impurity levels decreased. Therefore it was possible to decrease the solvent ratio with no detrimental effects to yield, cycle time or quality.
- The lower solvent to starting material ratio allowed scale up to a 10% larger batch size with the same cycle time, thus further increasing productivity.

Step 3:

The product was isolated from a two-solvent system was occasionally off-specification.
- By investigating various solvent ratios, the concentration of product in the filtrate was reduced. A consistently higher yield of product that met all specifications was produced.

Step 4:

Supplied process included a wash of the isolated product with a flammable solvent.
- Added a water wash, then later reduced the solvent wash.
- Made the isolated product safer to handle.

The yes formula benefits:

Yield increased by 20%; cycle times improved; and overall productivity doubled compared to baseline production.

Solvent usage was decreased by 85% in the reaction step and waste volumes also decreased accordingly

All expectations were met or exceeded.

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