High Volume Product Scale-Up & Production

The challenge:

Can you scale-up and manufacture our new Specialty Product for rapid commercialization? 

How we said yes:

Albemarle's client, a large petrochemical company, was eager to bring their new Specialty Product to market. We needed to prove our ability to custom-manufacture the product quickly and cost-effectively.

Within just 21 months of our initial customer meeting, Albemarle:
- Developed and executed a complete project scope including process transfer and process development; established the analytical facility; and accomplished analytical method development/transfer, process optimization and process scale-up/pilot production.
- Built and tested a dedicated production unit within an existing Albemarle plant.
- Negotiated and signed a multi-year agreement to supply 15,000 metric tons per year.
- Started up the unit on schedule and under budget with full safety and environmental compliance.

With chemists and engineers from both companies collaborating closely throughout the project, we were able to anticipate challenges and make adjustments efficiently. Albemarle's knowledge of complex chemistry, plant design and construction - plus the ability to mobilize our resources quickly and efficiently - contributed greatly to the project's success. As a result, the plant was operating above design capacity rates within 30 days of start-up. In addition, we can now use the unit to test raw materials, ratios and operating parameter changes.

A large-scale project like this showcases Albemarle's infrastructure, financial resources and technical capability - assets essential to rapidly and responsibly achieving commercial manufacturing scale, which enables our customers to maximize end-market value.


Why choose Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services?

- Albemarle is uniquely positioned to help you succeed at every development stage.
- Full competency in complex synthesis development.
- Extensive process development and scale-up capabilities.
- Leading cGMP and custom manufacturing facilities.
- Excellent safety and regulatory compliance record.
- Successful partnerships with companies of every size.

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