Agricultural Actives & Intermediates

At Albemarle, we play a vital role in meeting the demand of feeding the expanding global population.

Our agrichemicals are sold to agrichemical manufacturers and distributors that produce and distribute finished agricultural herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and soil fumigants. Our products include orthoalkylated anilines used in the acetanilide family of pre-emergent herbicides used with corn, soybeans and other crops and methyl bromide, which is used as a soil fumigant. We also manufacture and supply a variety of chemical intermediates for the agricultural industry.

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2,6-DiethylanilineChemical intermediate for pesticides, dyestuffs, antioxidants and other products
2,6-DiisopropylanilineChemical intermediate for pesticides, dyestuffs, pharmaceuticals and other products
2-Methyl-6-ethylanilineChemical intermediate for pesticides, dyestuffs, pharmaceuticals and other products
Methyl bromide technical gradeAn intermediate in organic synthesis

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