Mercury Control in the Utility Industry


Albemarle’s Mercury Control Division is a full-service solutions provider to the coal-fired utility industry. Our team can connect you with the products, services and application-specific knowledge you need to ensure effective, efficient mercury control solutions. We offer:  

  • THE BROADEST PORTFOLIO of carbon-based (powdered activated carbon, or PAC) sorbents — including coal, coconut and wood — backed by a world-leading position in bromine and bromine chemicals; 
  • DEEP EXPERTISE in the established, effective technique of PAC injection into coal combustion gas streams — valuable knowledge that helps you identify PAC sorbents with the right properties for effective, lowest-cost mercury capture for your specific application;
  • INDUSTRY INNOVATIONS including proprietary PACs, mercury oxidizing chemicals (e.g., calcium bromide and sodium bromide), commercial-scale demonstration systems and a state-of-the-art pilot system to simulate flue gas mercury capture kinetics; and
  • ADVANCED PAC SORBENTS for challenging conditions like acid gases and flue gas temperatures in excess of 300°F, as well as customer requirements including preserving fly ash sales and circulating sorbents through dry scrubber systems.

We know that recent standards have caused many utilities to cease operations due to the high costs of retrofitting or rebuilding their plants to ensure compliance. But where there are challenges, we see solutions — and as your industry partner, we’re actively committed to preserving coal as a trusted fuel source. To learn more about how we can help keep your plant profitable and environmentally compliant with cost-effective, custom-fit solutions, call us at +1 225 388 7402.  



Albemarle Mercury Control Division
Tel:  +1 800 535 3030

Featured Product
C-PAC™Introducing a tested, economical method to capture and remove high concentrations of mercury from existing cement kilns without material waste.
B-PAC™Injecting B-PAC, Albemarle’s brominated powdered activated carbon, into a polishing baghouse filter is a proven method for achieving very high capture rates in new plants.
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