Mercury Control in the Cement Industry


Albemarle pioneered the development of a method of mercury control in cement plants that utilizes the existing cement kiln particulate control device to capture the necessary amount of mercury.  This method provides effective mercury mitigation without the additional added capital expense of a secondary baghouse.  The method described is made possible through the use of Albemarle’s patented gas-phase brominated sorbents.  

Albemarle’s C-PAC, a concrete-friendly, temperature insensitive sorbent, is injected into the existing particulate control system to capture the mercury.  The sorbent must be temperature insensitive to operate at the elevated temperatures many times present in the existing cement kiln particulate control devices.  The cement kiln dust (CKD) containing the mercury sorbent is shuttled to the product mill for inclusion in the final cement product.  This is possible due to the concrete-friendly nature of the sorbent.   Albemarle’s gas-phase brominated C-PAC mercury sorbent is both temperature insensitive and concrete-friendly and is perfect for this application.

Albemarle’s M-PACT is a cost-effective injection system capable of injection rates up to 1000 lbs/hr. The system requires minimal field installation and can be fed from super sacks, tanker or silo, depending upon customer’s preference and sorbent usage rate.

With our concrete-friendly sorbent, C-PAC, and compact injection system, M-PACT, Albemarle offers customers opportunities for effective mercury removal, high reliability and lower cost regulatory compliance.  


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