Board of Directors & Committees

Albemarle's Board of Directors are elected by its shareholders to oversee management and to act in the best interests of the company and its shareholders.

Integrity and ethical behavior are core values of Albemarle. The company's Board of Directors, officers and employees reflect these principles in their conduct of the company's business. The Board is responsible to provide the best example of these values and should reinforce their importance at appropriate times.

Audit & Finance
Nominating & Governance Committee Capital Investment Committee Health, Safety &
Environment Committee
Inside Directors
*Luther C. Kissam, IV 
Outside Directors
Laurie Brlas     
William H. Hernandez
Douglas L. Maine     
J. Kent Masters     
**Jim W. Nokes     
James J. O'Brien     
Barry W. Perry     
Gerald A. Steiner  
Harriet Tee Taggart     
Alejandro D. Wolff     

 Chairperson        Member        * Chairman of the Board       ** Lead Independent Director

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