Albemarle’s success is backed by a commitment to excellence in all areas of its operation. The Company has long realized that the individual and collective contributions of employees are essential to maintain that standard of excellence.

If Albemarle is to continue to be competitive in the future, it must anticipate and adapt to the changes in the composition of tomorrow's work force. The ability to attract and retain a diverse work force will be among the decade's most compelling business issues. The recognition and utilization of the skills of a multicultural work force will be crucial to Albemarle's continued prosperity.

As in the past, Albemarle continues to strive through cooperative effort, to establish a representative work force to meet the challenges of the future and to enhance the strength of our organization. We see it as having three major components:

  • We must attract, hire, develop and retain great people from a changing labor force
  • We must better serve increasingly diverse global markets
  • We must foster better, more creative inputs to business problem solving

Albemarle is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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Meet Matthew"Albemarle gives the opportunity to work on a very diverse range of issues and to experience many different things that larger companies may not."
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