• Daniel, originally from Waterford Township, Michigan, has been with Albemarle for more than 22 years. Holding many positions throughout his tenure here, including Lab hiring, Lab Analyst A and Lab Coordinator, Daniel is now an Analytical Services Supervisor at our Pasadena facility.  Daniel served on Albemarle’s Emergency Response Team for almost nine years, and was qualified in Industrial Fire Fighting, Rescue, Haz Mat Response and as an Emergency Medical Technician.  Throughout his time here at Albemarle, Daniel is most proud of his contribution to the continuous improvement in our people, productivity, efficiency, processes, products and safety.

    navy lessonsDaniel learned a lot about hard work when he served in the United States Navy. From 1970-1974, Daniel was trained in the repair of generators and air conditioning equipment, and initially served as Administrative Support for Aviation Ground Support and later lectured at the Counseling and Assistance Center on Drug Abuse.

    Taking safety homeToday, Daniel is responsible for hiring and supervising lab employees, overseeing lab training, writing and updating lab procedures and ensuring employee adherence to corporate safety policies. “In a nutshell,” he says, “I enable my people to do their jobs well, making sure they get the training they need, that their job procedures are understood and that going home safe everyday is our most important daily goal.”

    Known as the “go-to-guy,” Daniel helps out his Albemarle family however he can. When asked which part of the job is most rewarding, he answered, “The people I work with, being part of the Albemarle Vision and accomplishing difficult tasks.”

    “Albemarle is a stable, growth-oriented company that provides vital products for many industries,” he added. “You can’t buy what we make at Wal-Mart, but many of the things you use everyday couldn’t be made without the products we make here at Albemarle.”

    Matthew came to work for Albemarle immediately following his graduation from Mississippi State University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering. His first impression of Albemarle was that it was a strong and growing company involved in many different types of products and new technologies, and, now that he has been with the company for several years, he has seen this to be the case.

    PUT YOUR DEGREE TO USEThroughout his career, Matthew has had the opportunity to work on many projects that allowed him to use much of what he learned throughout his time in college. “Right from the beginning I was able to put into practice some of my knowledge from school about the thermal and pressure design of heat exchangers,” he said. More recently, Matthew was tasked with designing a support structure capable of withstanding the breakaway force from a railcar pulling away while still connected to the piping. “I enjoyed this project,” he said, “because it enabled me to apply much of my schooling from statics and mechanical design classes.”

    ALBEMARLE CULTURELooking back on his time with Albemarle, Matthew described what the company means to him. “Since I have been working, I have used much of what I learned in school, which means Albemarle provides a great opportunity to be a diverse and well-rounded engineer over many different disciplines. Albemarle has a hard-working culture that expects the employees to develop their own career path rather than it being chosen for them. Albemarle has high-expectations for their employees, who are generally given much responsibility early on in their career and often throughout. Albemarle gives the opportunity to work on a very diverse range of issues and to experience many different things that larger companies may not. Engineers get to work on a wide range of equipment and projects, and that really helps them to develop and learn at a rapid pace.”

    A native of Plaquemine, Louisiana who received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Jonathan began his career with Albemarle after graduating from Texas A&M University with his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering. His first position at Albemarle was Senior Process Development Engineer at the PDC in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Jonathan went on to become an R&D Specialist, a Senior R&D Specialist, and is now serving as Manufacturing Superintendent in Pasadena, Texas.

    BECOMING A LEADERThroughout his time at Albemarle, Jonathan has had the opportunity to gain experience leading large- and small-scale multi-disciplinary technical teams. He has also had the opportunity to work on projects to develop products such as artificial sweeteners, Tamiflu©, thermally stable powdered activated carbon derived from wood, and a next-generation non-bioaccumulative bromine based flame retardant. He currently leads a 45-member manufacturing team responsible for annual product shipments in excess of 85MM pounds and $100MM+/yr in company revenue across multiple business units (Fine Chemistry Services, Performance Chemicals, and Stabilizers and Curatives). Through his selection and participation in a leadership coaching series, Jonathan’s been provided the opportunity to further develop his leadership and managerial proficiency. “Over my career with Albemarle Corporation,” says Jonathan, “I have been afforded a wide range of opportunities and challenges. These experiences and opportunities have been of tremendous benefit both personally and professionally.

    THE BUSINESS SIDE OF THINGSWith a background in Chemical Engineering, technical challenges in chemistry and engineering were Jonathan’s specialty. Throughout his 6 years at Albemarle, however, he has been able to cultivate and develop his business skills as well. Jonathan was selected to present R&D Project accomplishments to the Executive Management Team and also worked with management from Fine Chemical’s Business, R&D, and Marketing teams to create the Mercury Control Division’s mission statement and business plan. He also had the opportunity to travel with Sales Representatives as part of a joint Sales/R&D/Technology platform to sell Albemarle’s core Fine Chemistry Services technical expertise. “Albemarle Corporation is a company that provides its employees the opportunity to embark on an exciting and challenging career,” he says. “My family and I are very excited to be a part of the Albemarle community.”

    A native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Chase began his career at Albemarle immediately after graduating from LSU where he received his bachelors degree in Chemical Engineering. In his first position as an Operations Engineer at the Baton Rouge Process Development Center, Chase focused on Metallacene Catalysts. Within his first year and a half at Albemarle, he had worked on ten different high dollar products, solving problems and making products that touch the lives of people around the world. “It was very challenging,” said Chase. “Albemarle deals with cutting edge technology. Right from the start, I got hands-on experience and saw my ideas implemented.”

    Learning with experts, learning about different culturesChase also had the opportunity to work side-by-side with senior chemists and engineers who are experts in their fields, providing a good learning experience that paved the way for future responsibilities with Albemarle. And, because Albemarle has operations globally, Chase was able to work overseas in China at the company’s Nanjing operation for four months. To this day, he is still in contact with his co-workers at the operation. “Albemarle offers opportunities to travel, get management experience and enter into new career areas if employees so desire,” said Chase.

    Reaching new heightsIt’s been an exciting and active five years at Albemarle for Chase. Today, he manages a crew of 50 employees at Albemarle’s operation in Magnolia, Arkansas. “Albemarle has allowed me to achieve my goals. It’s a company that really lets you grow in a lot of ways and gives you great experience in a short period of time. If you want the opportunity to implement the things you learned in school and reach your potential, Albemarle is the place for you,” Chase concluded.

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