Continuing a strong local tradition

Albemarle and our employees and retirees have long shared a rich history of financial generosity and enthusiastic volunteerism. In 2007, to continue our focus on supporting sustainable communities, Albemarle created the Albemarle Foundation®, an endowed 501(c)(3) entity that serves as the primary source and mechanism for our philanthropic giving.

Since its beginning, the Foundation has delivered over $25 million to more than 200 deserving agencies in locations where our employees live and operate. The Albemarle Foundation's strength lies with the overwhelming support of the employees of Albemarle. Our commitment to Grow the Good in the communities in which we live and operate and our dedication to making a difference takes center stage in the programs offered by the Foundation. The Albemarle Foundation has been launched at all of our U.S. sites and is currently being introduced to our locations outside of the U.S. through our efforts around International Disaster Relief, thus keeping our employees engaged both domestically and internationally. Plans to develop even larger overseas philanthropic efforts are underway.

Check out the impact the Albemarle Foundation is making in the communities we live and operate in:

Flexible ways to make a difference

The Foundation takes a wide view of each community's needs and oversees a diverse program of philanthropic opportunities. The major components include:

  • Foundation Grant Program- provides direct funding to local 501(c)(3) organizations engaged in at least one of these areas: education, social and health services, and cultural resources. The Foundation board and local site councils approve all grants.
  • Matching Gift Program- gives all eligible employees and retirees the opportunity to further support charitable organizations by matching individual donations on a one-to-one basis, up to specified maximum limits and certain qualifications.
  • Employee Volunteer Program- encourages volunteerism and recognizes the outstanding leadership and volunteer efforts of Albemarle employees and retirees by special grants.
  • Albemarle Gottwald Scholarship Program- awards independent scholarships to Albemarle employee dependents. One Gottwald scholar is identified annually and granted $5,000 per year. Additional $2,500 per year scholarships are also granted.
  • Albemarle Foundation Annual Community Campaign- supports local non-profit organizations in the areas of education, health and social services, and cultural initiatives. This employee-managed annual campaign collects employee and retiree pledges by payroll deduction or one-time payment, with the Foundation handling distribution. Each year, Albemarle employees help select the following year's member agencies.  

For any questions or additional information, contact:

Sandra Holub, Executive Director

Simone Guillory, Communications Coordinator

Suzanne Tessier, Financial Reporting

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