research proves the effectiveness of Flame retardants

Decades of research by leading universities, independent laboratories and industry professionals has proven that flame retardants work. Both the effectiveness and safety of our products have been thoroughly tested in accordance with sound science and industry accepted-testing procedures. A small sampling (or a subset) of these studies is provided below. We will continue to update this list of studies, so please check back.

Studies on Efficacy

This report describes an experimental investigation by NIST to study the fire hazard of electronic equipment having thermoplastic enclosures.  The fact that fires originating from consumer electronic equipment represent less than one percent of all residential fires in the United States is largely credited to the use of flame retardant plastics. It should also be noted that in recent years the number of electronic fires has increased in many European countries following a reduction in the use of some flame retardant compounds due to environmental concerns.

NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology
August 2004
Full study

Study concludes that flame retardants increased average escape time by 15 times, lowered the amount of material burned, gave off 25% less heat, produced 33% less toxic gas than non flame retarded products.

V. Babrauskas, R.H. Harris, Jr., R.G.Gann, B.C. Levin, B.T. Lee, R.D. Peacock, M. Paabo, W.Twilley, M.F. Yoklavich and H.M.Clark

An independent study on the benefits associated with introducing new regulations to improve fire safety of upholstered furniture in New Zealand.

Wade, M. Duncanson, D. O'Dea, C.R. Duncan
March 2003
Full study

Greenstreet Berman Ltd
December 2009
Full study

Marty Ahrens, NFPA Fire Analysis and Research, Quincy, MA.
August 2011

Underwriters Laboratories
March 2012

all Flame retardants are not created equal

There are many products on the market today with astounding differences in properties. When evaluating products using recognized science criteria, there are numerous studies that support the safety of Albemarle flame retardants.

Studies on Safety

J.H. Troitzsch, Fire and Environmental Protection
February 2000

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