Albemarle is continuously looking for smart and talented professionals to join a successful and innovative global corporation.

Below the surface of basic skills and knowledge, Albemarle is actively searching for new employees that exemplify these seven Albemarle Attributes:

Self Awareness

Albemarle employees reflect on their behaviors and performance and always strive to make improvements.  They are self-critical and invite feedback from peers, vendors and customers.


Employees assume personal responsibility for meeting goals and commitments, yet they share recognition, success and failures with the team.


Albemarle employees can create confidence and trust among other employees and customers in their ability to deliver results. They are eager to communicate and demonstrate a genuine connection with all other Albemarle employees.

Personal Drive

Employees demonstrate urgency and unlimited energy in the pursuit of goals and are willing to stretch personal skill sets to meet company needs. They are resilient in the face of setbacks and are able to bounce back from adversity.


Albemarle employees have a “can do” attitude. They are self reliant when necessary, yet savvy about engaging and networking with others for help. They are self-directed in learning critical information.


Employees recognize that success flows from all functions within the company and is a result of the contributions and accomplishments from each individual and team. They are unwilling to use their authority in a negative fashion.

Ethics, Integrity & TrustAlbemarle employees operate in a manner that is honest and direct. They are able to maintain confidence and present the truth in an appropriate and helpful manner. They are not willing to misrepresent themselves for personal gain.
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Meet Amanda"Working for an international company has given me the opportunity to travel to new countries, experience different cultures and to learn more about international business.
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