South Haven, Michigan

GMP production of pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates.

Products include, but are not limited to, anti-arrhythmics, anti-histaminics, anti-tussives and anti-inflammatories.

In addition to GMP manufacturing, Albemarle's South Haven facility performs custom/contract services, such as chemical route selection, process development, small scale production, laboratory testing and more.

Albemarle Corporation

1421 Kalamazoo St.
South Haven
Michigan 49090
Tel: 269.637.8474
Fax: 269.637.8410

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For more than 30 years, Albemarle Fine Chemistry Services has met the exacting needs of pharmaceutical and chemical customers of every size.  At our South Haven, Michigan facility, we have over three decades of high-quality commercial production and expertise.  To view our plant tour and learn more about the exemplary customer service and quality products produced at our South Haven facility, please click here or click on the image below.

South Haven Receives “Catalyst for Economic Success” Award

Albemarle’s South Haven facility was recognized as a “catalyst for economic success” in southwest Michigan.  On January 24, 2011, Southwest Michigan First, a group that assists companies in growing jobs, honored Albemarle and 10 other companies who have contributed to the region’s economic development efforts.  Honorees were each presented with “The Catalyst,” a hand-blown glass sculpture created by a local artist.

Albemarle’s South Haven facility specializes in pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs.  In a quick video featuring the 11 winning companies, Bo Brantley , South Haven plant manager, said, “In 2011, this facility had excellent growth. Commercially, there was a lot of success with our products, and we’ve been able to hire over 12 new people to the facility full time in 2011 alone. Looking to the future, we expect a very strong 2012 and have expansion plans in progress.”  To see the video featuring Albemarle, click here.

South Haven FDA Inspection History

Albemarle Corporation is actively involved in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturing, packaging and labeling at its South Haven facility, which is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA).  Albemarle Corporation certifies that the methods, facilities and controls used for manufacturing, processing, packaging and holding APIs conform to current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) in accordance with ICH Guideline Q7 Good Manufacturing Practice Guidance for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.  Certification of the US FDA inspection and cGMP statements for Albemarle’s South Haven, Michigan site is listed below.

South Haven Inspection Certification

Equipment & Technology

One 50 gal glass-lined

Two 100 gal glass-lined 

Two 200 gal glass-lined

One 300 gal glass-linedoy

Two 500 gal glass-lined

One 1000 gal glass-lined

One 2000 gal glass-lined

One 4000 gal glass-lined

One 100 gal stainless steel

One 200 gal stainless steel

One 300 gal stainless steel

One 500 gal stainless steel

One 1000 gal stainless steel

One 2000 gal stainless steel

One 4000 gal stainless steel

One 30 gal hastelloy

One 200 gal hastelloy

Two 1000 gal hastelloy

One 1200 gal hastelloy

Two 2000 gal hastelloy

One 4000 gal hastelloy

One 126 gal glass-lined

One 150 gal glass-lined

One 987 gal stainless steel 

One 1277 gal stainless stell

Three stainless steel

Two glass-lined

Four stainless steel

One hastelloy 

One stainless steel

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