Shanghai, China

Albemarle (China)Rockwood Lithium Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Room I, 4th Floor, Blog C, No.2272 Hongqiao Road
Changning District
Shanghai, China 200336

Tel: 86.21.6103.8666
Fax: 86.21.6103.8777
Regional sales and administrative offices



Rockwood Lithium Shanghai Co., Ltd.

Building 6, A-Sun Science & Technology Park
Lane 399 Shengxia Road 
Pudong, Shanghai 201210

Tel: 86.21.6103.8666
Fax: 86.21.6103.8777

Approved by the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the formerly Chemetall Specialty Chemicals (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was formally established in April, 2012. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of German Rockwood Lithium, the global market leader for lithium compounds. The company has been renamed to Rockwood Lithium Shanghai Co., Ltd. in mid 2013.

Our service

A full range of lithium, cesium and special metal products is offered under the brand name Rockwood Lithium in China including warehousing, sales and marketing.

The product line includes: inorganic lithium salts, butyllithium and other organic lithium compounds, grignards (organo magnesium), lithium hydrides, lithium amides, lithium alkoxides, cesium and rubidium compounds and metal powders such as zirconium and titanium etc.

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