Magnolia, Arkansas

Located in the timberlands of southwest Arkansas, Albemarle Corporation's Magnolia manufacturing operations make up one of the world's largest suppliers of bromine and bromine chemicals.

Over 500 employees and two plant sites in the Magnolia area produce more than 30 different chemical ingredients used in the manufacturing of a range of chemicals. Among these products are flame retardants used in household plastics, fabric fibers and insulation material. Our products are found in many consumer products used everyday, including the plastic used in televisions and computers, bathroom disinfectants, soaps and carpeting.

Albemarle Corporation's Magnolia Plants are committed to producing quality products in a manner that is safe to our employees and the environment with a dedication to the community where we live and work.

Albemarle has created two marshes that are unique waste water treatment systems that protect and enhance our environment. This innovative approach is so successful that the water is recycled and reused; reducing water consumption by up to 40% from underground aquifers.

Awards and Recognition

  • ISO-9002 certified
  • Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association's Excellence Award
  • Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturers Association's Achievement Award
  • AR Wildlife Federation/AR Environmental Federation & National Wildlife Federation's Corporate Environmentalist of the Year Awards
  • Numerous company safety, environmental, production and quality awards and recognition

Albemarle Corporation
Magnolia – South Plant

P.O. Box 729
Arkansas 71754-0729
Tel: 870.235.6000
Fax: 870.235.6001

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