Albemarle’s team is made up of over 3,200 dedicated professionals coming from diverse backgrounds with cross-industry experience. They provide today’s leaders with innovative and insightful business-minded solutions that help address the Company’s most pressing competitive challenges. This synergistic culture starts at the top and is driven by our senior leadership team. Each member of the team exemplifies the core values that have helped make Albemarle a global leader in the specialty chemicals industry today.

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Luther C. "Luke" Kissam
President & Chief Executive Officer

Karen G. Narwold
Senior Vice President, 
General Counsel, Corporate & Government Affairs, Corporate Secretary

Susan Kelliher
Senior Vice President, 
Human Resources

Scott A. Tozier
Senior Vice President & 
Chief Financial Officer

David Klanecky
Vice President, 
Strategy & Corporate Development  

Ronald C. Zumstein
Senior Vice President, 
Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Process Excellence 

Steffen Haber 
President, Lithium 

Joris Merckx 
President, Surface Treatment 

Matthew K. Juneau
Senior Vice President & 
President of Performance Chemicals
D. Michael Wilson
Senior Vice President & 
President of Catalyst Solutions 

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