Bayport, Texas

As part of one of the world’s largest planned industrial complexes, the Bayport Site is located approximately 20 miles southeast of downtown Houston.

The site comprises 55 acres within the complex, and shares an integrated site with Akzo Nobel, who owns an adjacent 45 acres of property. Principal Albemarle activities on the location include manufacturing for both FCC and HPC catalysts, as well as production of several types of specialty zeolites. Albemarle additionally carries out part of its worldwide FCC research and development effort at the location as well.

Albemarle's Bayport site employs around 290 people, including Albemarle staff and permanent contract employees. The site was originally developed in 1975 with a standalone plant manufacturing HPC catalysts. Initial R&D activities commenced shortly thereafter (1977), while the first investments for FCC manufacturing were completed in 1984. Fully integrated FCC manufacturing operations were active on the location by 1987. The world’s largest Y-type zeolite plant was completed on the site in 1995, and the FCC catalyst manufacturing nameplate was expanded to its current capacity by 2001. More recently (2004), a unit was constructed to produce the ZSM-5 specialty zeolite. Albemarle continues to grow its refinery catalyst businesses at the location, as evidenced by its HPC expansion which doubled capacity.

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Awards and Recognition

The Bayport Site has long had a strong commitment to the total quality process, utilizing this approach to continuous improvement as a fundamental platform upon which the site management culture is based. In support of that culture, the site first obtained ISO 9001 certification in 1994, followed by ISO 14001 certification in 1997. Most recently, the location was one of the leading sites in the nation to obtain the RC 14001 certification, as required by the Responsible Care initiative maintained by the American Chemistry Council.

The Albemarle Bayport Site also recognizes the importance of understanding and contributing to community stakeholder needs. To that end, site management has been an active participant in the La Porte Citizen’s Advisory Council since its inception. Similarly, the site has been an active collaborator with the La Porte Independent School District, particularly relating to the District’s Partners in Education initiative. With a number of other industrial partners in the area, the site was also one of the founders of the La Porte Education Foundation, which provides funds for teachers to enrich programs beyond which they are able with District monies alone.

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